Unconventional Leadership

Ronald and Kaylee Earley, owner of Automation Empire

Tattoos, baseball caps, and sweatpants aren’t what typically come to mind when you think of a “CEO” or “Entrepreneur.” But it’s not just outward appearances that make this young business mogul unconventional. In fact, you would do yourself a major disservice if you judged this book by its cover. He rebels against the norm underneath the surface, too, as a business strategist and community leader.

The business is a reflection of the person.

As a business reflects the personality, character, and ethics of its founders, that’s exactly what you’ll see when you take a look at business owner Ron Earley. We have this idea that there is a certain type of entrepreneur who is successful: a Harvard graduate, coming from a long line of business titans, who have fought their way through the ranks for decades to find wealth. While that might have been true of business executives in the past, now in 2023, we see a new type of entrepreneur emerging and dominating the market.

Many entrepreneurs fail because they lack character or they don’t see their businesses as reflections of themselves and their lives outside of work. They may think they are successful because of certain metrics and their own personal bank accounts, but genuine success is determined by the lasting impact you have on the world around you. This can only come from profound awareness and innate leadership found only in a small percentage of aspiring individuals.

Actions speak louder than words.

Ron holds strongly to the idea that success can be summed up by the impact he has on his community, a belief that can be seen rippling through his employees.  Following Hurricane Irma, Mr. Earley wanted to shoulder the many needs of his community.  He did this by spending his weekends purchasing and hand-delivering much-needed essentials to hurricane victims.

His impact was again on full display at the ribbon cutting ceremony for his newest acquisition Automation Empire after acquiring it from Tommy Rodriguez and implementing new streamlined systems and improving operations. Adding in an entire new enterprise to his empire, Wholesale Automation to ensure a new level of quality and customer care.

Many pillars of the Sarasota business community attended, as well as Mayor Eric Arroyo.  The mayor, in an unprecedented act of gratitude, presented Ron with a key to the city. Celebrating not only the economic impact his businesses have had on the community, but also highlighting his post hurricane Irma relief efforts.

As a leader, you should always keep in mind that the people around you are just as important as the business itself. Your skill set can only take you so far and when it comes down to it, your character will determine how successful you are as a leader.

An investment that keeps on giving.

On a weekly basis Automation Empire attracts wealthy philanthropists and investors to Sarasota, compounding the company’s impact on the local, small-town yet fastest growing economies. In addition, Automation Empire has recently moved into two large suites in downtown Sarasota, creating room for quick expansion and growth, providing job opportunities for ambitious individuals. 

Ron owns and runs two companies:  Automation Empire –an Amazon automation company and Wholesale Automation — the distribution machine that fuels Automation Empire. When you become an investor with AE, you reap the rewards of both of these companies and leverage their systems and operations for your benefit. In addition to a compounding asset that cash flows monthly, you will be ushered into their investor community, making you part of the Automation Empire family.

Community impact, political influence, local economy bolstering, and job opportunities; there seems to be nothing that this empire does not touch. With their proven track record and undeniable success, this is a no-brainer move for any investor or job-seeking individual and what makes this business owner an unconventional leader.

Learn more about Automation Empire: www.automationempire.com
Connect with Ron: www.instagram.com/salesgod/
General inquiries can be sent to: amanda@automationempire.com

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