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At Automation Empire our motto is; “You Invest. We Manage.” We work with you to leverage your credit and capital in a way that allows you to add e-commerce assets to your wealth portfolio. Increase your visibility in the worlds #1 marketplace and add revenue streams that help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

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Our 4 Step System

At Automation Empire our motto is: “You Invest. We Manage.” We work with you to leverage your credit and capital.


“You Invest. We Manage.” We work with you to leverage your credit and capital.

Book a Call

During our initial call, we will break down the dynamics of online e-commerce to ensure you are knowledgeable about the industry before you begin.

Start Your Store

Hire our team of experts, and we’ll walk you through all of the details to get your Amazon store set up.

Making Money

Once our store has permissions and inventory is paid for your store will be launched.

What Our Clients Are Saying


My store just went live seven days ago and I’m in shock! The quick response, the courtesy, and overall willing to help definitely made my experience must easier. I suggest new investors to trust the process! You won’t be disappointed! One the best investments I’ve made!

Torsha R

It will be slow at first they said! 🤣 I’m not going to lie I freaked! I wasn’t expecting this kind of scale this fast. So I did run in to some issue have been “under review” and my funds are held up in reserves. The team has been extremely responsive and informative. They submitted an appeal for me and we are waiting a see if it will stay open or suspension. But I am happy with how everything has been. I know the risks and yet still grateful. Thankful for the community and information posted in this group!

Sky S

Automation Empire is by far the best and easiest servicing company out there !!!! keep up the great work!

Thomas B

First and for most, Automation Empire has been phenomenal. My store has yet to launch, as I've been going through all the resources from Files in FB group, FB group old messages & to the awesome Customer Service The Onboarding the Team has. They have been really helpful throughout my store set-up. I know the consequences of having an Amazon store which can result to deactivations, suspensions & etc.. It's been worth it, I will remain patient and positive regardless of the positive/negative process. THANK YOU GUYS!!

Bryan H

Really quick response and so friendly

Noe T

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