The Ecom Exception

Ecom is a term that either elects two visceral responses: Borderline manic excitement or absolute disgust and disregard. It’s been a polarizing topic for investors since 2016, when it first burst on the scene of digital assets. The ecom industry has since grown and expanded, bringing irresistible, life-changing revenue to those who understand the inner workings and can wrangle this internet sensation into a successful business model.

Automation Empire has done just that for the ecom and amazon automation space.

Closed minds, closed wallets.

There was just one problem.

Despite Automation Empire proving their validity over the past 4 years, old fashion funding options through banks and lending companies didn’t trust the ecom model, and they were hesitant to lend money to aspiring investors that were trying it out.

The reason? Amazon automation companies had no established track record of success or failure—they’d never been around long enough for anyone to have any idea whether they would fail or succeed. So instead of being able to secure a traditional loan from a bank or leveraging other means of acquiring liquid capital, they forced these savvy investors to put up their own hard-earned cash.

Old dog, new tricks?

This put traditional blue-collar businessmen and women and new investors in an impossible space to diversify their portfolio with an Amazon Store through a reputable management company. With their old-school mentality around what investments should look like, banks and lending companies were effectively barring Automation Empire from providing their clients solutions.

But today, that all changed. After months of disclosing their systems, operations, and irrefutable sustainability and profitability, Automation Empire has yet again rewritten ecom history. In a bold move of transparency and attention to detail, Automation Empire has become the first and only ecom company to be approved by Plastiq.

Plastiq effectively allows investors to leverage their credit or debit cards and turn it into liquid cash. You add a debit or credit card to your Plastiq account and charge it in the amount of the bill, and then Plastiq pays the company on your behalf via a method that the vendor can accept. It also allows investors to reap the benefits of credit card points and rewards based on their card’s terms and conditions. Earn skymiles while investing in a month-over-month recurring revenue stream? Yes, please!

Making the impossible possible.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. But where there’s a will, trust built, and proven business model, there are multiple ways to reimagine your investment portfolio. For you and your digital ecom asset, Automation Empire has yet again proved why they’re the number one Amazon automation company in the industry.

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